World's First Unseen CCP (Community Compounding Plan) For Milk Token Based On Binance Smart Chain

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Milkshakeswap.Network is a Sub chain Platform Created on Community Demand on which they Regulated to bring a Tech Stemmer Formula Which could Help & Allow the active community with delight of Rewarding’s. The Community Loved and Supported the Genesis Project Named which started with 0 (zero) Token launch & it is a Decentralized Platform based on Legos of Defi Protocol Created on Binance Smart Chain

MilkshakeSwap.Network is a Specific Creation Regarding Community Building, Increasing Volume of wallet addresses giving supply pause circulation for price boost inflation of Milk token, This Effectively focuses on community profit boost also by this community compounding project each and every atom connected to any of the platform will be able to create exceptional future.

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Know About DEFI

DeFi is short for “decentralized finance,” an umbrella term for a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries.

DeFi draws inspiration from blockchain, the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin, which allows several entities to hold a copy of a history of transactions, meaning it isn’t controlled by a single, central source. That’s important because centralized systems and human gatekeepers can limit the speed and sophistication of transactions while offering users less direct control over their money. DeFi is distinct because it expands the use of blockchain from simple value transfer to more complex financial use cases.

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What Is Milkshakeswap.Finance

MilkshakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-powered DEX and AMM that allows anyone to swap BEP-20 tokens efficiently and safely. The platform is comparable to Uniswap in that it provides a decentralized trading experience combined with liquidity pools. MilkshakeSwap can be the largest Dapp on the Binance Smart Chain and is seen by many as a project with endless potential. As such, the platform is very popular and currently has $3,080,740.59 in locked liquidity at this time which Is increasing daily . MilkshakeSwap eliminates all of these concerns because it exits the confines of the Ethereum ecosystem. The Binance Smart Chain was developed to streamline all of these actions and provide a more cost-effective alternative to users. This strategy has helped the platform stand out amongst the growing competition amongst DEXs


No pre-sale and no pre-mine. Fair distribution of all Milk tokens.Maximum rewards for MILK stakers.

We Have Locked Both Pair’s Liquidity In irreversible Smart Contract For Next 180 Days (6 Months) Statics Are As Following.


MILK/BNB _827.000000_27.21%

MILK /BUSD_ 18680.2400_31.56%

You Can Cross Check Both The Contracts On BscScan By Copying The Following Address


Now The Users Can Feel More Secure About Their Investments & be sure that they are not going to get rugged in anyway.

Ethereum’s current gas fees have been exorbitant to say the least and the barrier to entry for participating in on-chain activities is only getting higher and higher. Enter Binance Smart Chain. By leveraging BSC, we will be able to increase the speed of transactions while massively reducing the fees at the same time. Perfect, right?

Yes you can definitely earn free $MILK tokens by participating in some of our Promotional Campaigns which will allow you to be a part of airdrops

These programs are funded by the development fee of our Milkings.

You Might Have Used Uniswap In Combination With MetaMask Wallet To Trade And Provide Liquidity For Ethereum Based Tokens. So Your First Question Might Be… Binance Smart Chain?

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